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Simply The Best.....WMS Behaving as we should!!!!

SO how do you behave at Wendell Middle School?Take a look at the following movie clips!!!!! If you have any questions about how we "act" when we are at school.


Wendell Middle School

Meaningful teamwork is only attained through personal honesty, mutual respect and accepted responsibility.







Remove shoes to protect floors: We remove our shoes to protect the gym floor so that is stays nice. Gym shoes are the only shoes allowed on the gym floor.





Follow rules and etiquette: The gym can become very crowded very quickly. It is important that we follow the rules and are aware of others around us so everyone is safe. Use a level 3 or 4 voice and be respectful to others who are playing games while in the gym.


Return equipment to the proper place: It is very important that we return all gym equipment to the proper place so that it is available for future use. Students want to have gym equipment to play with and this can only be guaranteed if it is returned to the correct person and/or place.





Play fairly: When we are playing games during gym, make sure you play fairly and honestly. If there is a disagreement, let the adult settle it.


Follow the game rules: It is very important that students obey the rules of the games. Each game has rules and students should follow them. When rules are not followed other students can become angry, feelings can get hurt, or injuries can occur.





Share equipment: There is a limited amount of equipment for the gym, so playing as a team is very important. When we share, everyone has a chance to participate in the games and with the equipment.


Include others in games: Part of being a team player is letting everyone participate in games that are being played. Not only does it show respect for others, but it also allows you to be part of a team.


Bring in equipment: When the bell rings and gym time is over, the equipment needs to be returned to the correct spot. This can be done as a team, so that not one person gets student picking up everything.                                








Use quiet voices: When you are in the office you must keep your voice at a level 4 or 5.


Wait your turn: Wait your turn to be helped and to use the phone.


Use manners; please and thank you: Be respectful and say please and thank you when being helped in the office. A little bit of kindness goes a long way!





Ask for permission to use the phone: When you enter the office, wait patiently for someone to address you and then ask, “May I please use the phone?” It is not your personal phone so you must ask to use it!


Use equipment properly: When using copiers, phones, large rolls of paper, desks, chairs, and benches; be gentle with the equipment and return it to the way it was. If using the playground equipment, make sure you return it to the bag and then to the office.




Only use phone when necessary: Try to limit the use of the phone for phone calls home when you are sick or if you have forgotten something pertaining to school (your uniform or homework). Phone calls asking who is picking you up or if you can attend a game, should be handled the night before or in the morning before school.


Be honest with adults helping you: If you are in trouble, or in need of something, wait to be helped and be honest about what you need.





Be quick in the office: The office is not meant to hang out in, therefore, get in get out as quickly as possible. Come in without your friends, as it is a disturbance to those working in the office and answering phones.


Be patient: Sometimes there are several things taking place at once in the office, so be patient and wait your turn for someone to help you.








Listen to staff on duty: Listen to the adults that are on duty and do what they ask without discussion so we can keep ourselves and others safe while we play on the playground.


Play appropriately: Use the area and equipment for their intended purposes. Follow school rules and make sure you are keeping yourself and others safe.


Use your manners going out and coming in: Be respectful when we walk in and out of the building from the playground since other classes are in session. Come into the building in an orderly manner and walk appropriately in the hallways. Use a level 3, 4, or 5 voice so you do not interrupt other students’ learning and teachers’ teaching.





Return equipment to the proper place: Return all playground equipment to the proper place so that it is available for future use. If it is returned to the correct person and/or place, it will be available to use and enjoy again.


Pick up your belongings and trash: Pick up your trash and any belongings that you bring onto the playground and put them in the proper place. We want to keep our school looking its best.





Play fairly: When you are playing games on the playground, make sure you play fairly, play honestly, and follow the rules even if no one is watching.


Admit mistakes: Be honest about your mistakes and admit to any errors or wrong doings you have done.





Include others in games: Let everyone participate in games that are being played. Not only does it show respect for others, but it also allows you to be part of a team.


Bring in equipment: When the bell rings and it is time to come in from the playground, the equipment needs to be returned to the correct spot or to the designated person. This can be done as a team, so that not one person gets stuck picking up everything.  





Keep your hands, feet, and objects to self: Keep your hands, feet and all objects to yourself, so everyone feels safe.


Use quiet voices: Make sure your voice is at a level 3, 4, or 5.


Obey the driver and follow bus rules: Do what the bus driver says promptly and without discussion. Follow all bus rules to ensure the safety of all individuals riding the bus. This will help the bus driver focus on driving.


Be kind to others: Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Use kind words and actions.



Keep the bus clean: Pick up any garbage in your area. Report any messes to the bus driver and help clean it up if you can.


Stay in your seat: For your safety and the safety of others, remain seated while the bus is moving.


Keep food or drink put away: Keep all food and drink in your bag or lunchbox until you exit the bus. This helps keep the bus clean!


Report problems to the bus driver: Report any issues with bullying, vandalism, or anyone not following the bus rules to the bus driver as soon as possible. If you need to report a problem to the bus driver and it is not an emergency, please wait until the bus has stopped.





Admit your mistakes: Own up to your mistakes when you have done something wrong.





Help other bus riders: Help other bus riders make good choices and follow the rules while on the bus.


Help keep bus clean: Be sure to pick up after yourself and encourage others to do the same. Throw any garbage away, give personal items that have been left on the bus to the bus driver, and report any vandalism or messes to the bus driver.


Help bus driver keep the bus safe: Please notify the bus driver if you have any concerns regarding any passenger’s safety.