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Should women go to war?
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Thursday, April 07, 2016
I say yes because honestly women can do the same damage as men can .for example when you shoot someone and your forced men and women will probably have the same reaction. Shooting someone is difficult. us humans don't want to kill, but sometimes we are forced to. we female or male will not want to kill anyone but if the one you are going to shoot made the wrong mistake men or women will be forced thus coming out with a dead person.
I know this because I know one of my friends mom that was in the army. she might not wanted to kill someone but she wa trained to. I feel like you have a choice to choose if you want to be in the army or not. you should not be forced. besides, that women and men I believe can do the same damage as men.
My conclusion is that men and women can work long side they can do the same damage. so that's a yes for me.
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