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Standard Uniform Code of Dress

Upper Body

  • Shirts must be golf style polo's with a collar, buttons, and sleeves. Buttons must start at the collar of the shirt. Shirts must be solid colors: orange, yellow, green, pink, white, gray, or black.
  • Students may wear undershirts (long or short sleeved). Undershirts must not have any writing or artwork and must be a solid approved top or bottom color. When layering with an undershirt, polo shirts must be the top layer.
  • Sweatshirts, cardigans, V-neck or crew-neck sweaters, with the exterior of the same solid colors listed above, may be worn. They must be worn over a collared shirt and may not be oversized. Sweatshirts and sweaters with a hood are permitted. However; hoods are not allowed to be worn on top of a student's head during school.
  • T-shirts sold or affiliated with WMS, WES, or WHS are permitted (i.e., Honor choir shirts, state basketball shirts).  WMS t-shirts and polo's will be sold by the School in blue and gray colors. 

 Lower Body

  • May include pants, skirts, uniform jumpers, shorts, capris and must be khaki (tan), navy blue, gray, or black in color. Blue jeans (including skinny jeans), stretch pants, jeggings, sweatpants/athletic wear/pajamas, regardless of color, are not allowed.
  • No lower body item may be shorter than 3 inches above the knee.
  • All items must be size appropriate (no sagging/ baggy or skin tight pants).
  • Leggings, tights, or knee high socks must be solid, in the designated top or bottom colors. (no fishnet tights)

Other Requirement and Exceptions

  • Students will be allowed to wear a sweatshirt or jacket with any Idaho College or University logo on it (i.e. BSU, ISU, U of I). An approved polo or t-shirt must be worn underneath.
  • Students wearing an unapproved jacket will have it take away till the end of the day. Second and every subsequent infraction will require that student's parent to pick up the jacket.
  • Brand logos, graphics, or numbers/letters smaller than one (1) inch in diameter (smaller than a quarter), in addition to those related to Wendell Schools will be allowed on all upper and lower body attire.
  • Coats of any color may be worn to school but must be stored in the student's locker while the student is in the building.
  • Wendell Game Jersey's may be worn over a school approved t-shirt, undershirt, or polo on game days only. Athletes may also wear ties on game days as long as the tie is pushed up and the shirt is tucked in.
  • Tailoring clothing is permitted, modifications are not. All clothing must fit properly.
  • No jewelry containing gang related letters or numbers.


Facial Piercing

  • It is the policy of this school district that students shall dress in a manner which is appropriate for an effective educational environment. While recognizing the importance of allowing students to express their individuality through their attire, the school is responsible for ensuring that student dress is conducive to a positive and respectful environment for all students. All students are, therefore, required to dress in a manner that promotes a safe and healthy school environment, and is not disruptive of the educational climate and process. (Policy number 517)
  • Facial piercing has been judged to be a disruption to both the student and to those around them. Therefore, facial piercing including but not limited to lip rings, eye brow rings, nose rings and tongue rings are prohibited to all students at Wendell Middle School.


The Standard Uniform Code of Dress may be amended throughout the year as deemed necessary and appropriate by the school's administration.